Vision. The 3 Pillars

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Gold supply algorithm

The community will govern the gold supply algorithm described in detail here.

Names cost $30

Only named Adventurers can claim gold and cost USDC30 on the Polygon network. The proceeds to the sales will accrue to the Scarcity Gameverse treasury and allocated through governance.

Excluding pay to play

Developers can restrict access to the game to those Adventurers that have been created through game-play, rather than being bought. In our Opensea example (, one can see how the indicator of purchase is part of the metadata of the Adventurer. This is a critical factor in maintaining game-play from a purists perspective, and correspondingly opens up a number of game theory avenues.
Adventurers can be transferred between wallets at any time. Once this has been done once, the Adventurer will have an identifying marker that will identify that Adventurer as having been transferred rather than built up through game play. As the previous section describes, this opens up benefits and costs to players based on game developer's preferences.
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