Before going on, who are we? In terms of development we have a Ukraine-based team of ten hungry young blockchain and frontend developers passionate about web3 and DeFi that has bonded to us because of our passion for being on the bleeding edge of innovation for a decentralized future.
In terms of team leads, we are Fraser Brown and Paul Scott, the doxed proponents of a VC-less (venture capital) approach to bringing projects to market called Degen.VC.
Our core belief is that there is ample money and sophistication in the degen community to bootstrap projects through intelligent use of decentralized markets and the token that serves the project. Our project, Degen.VC is essentially a group of $DGVC LP (those that provide liquidity) token holders who receive an airdrop from projects we launch. Degen.VC keeps some project tokens too, which funds R&D and operations. There are currently 315 such LP holders amounting to c.$400,000 of liquidity. These LP's will receive 5% of the Rarity 2 token ($RG) in the form of vesting NFT’s.
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