Scarcity and Rarity
A philosophical discussion. A description of motives and purpose.
Crypto has since its earliest days been characterised by projects that launch using a first mover as its basis that see competitors emerge that seek to amend certain variables. Think Bitcoin and Doge, for example.
Games are no different.
Our team forked Rarity a matter of hours after its code was published. The primary reason we did so is that its core in-game currency Gold was not rare. Our goal has been to make this currency rare to ultimately become a catalyst and building block for a different game with substantially the same codebase. We also saw Summoners minting get out of control (one wallet had 30,000, for instance) - and names a detached add-on with no implied purpose that could be discerned. In addition, the purely capitalist model bothered us. Being able to buy everything you needed all the time, from levelled up Summoners to Items to us meant that intellectual reward would forever evade non pay-to-play players.
With these challenges in frame, we made several core upgrades to our version of this game called Scarcity:
  1. 1.
    Gold supply per level is governed by algorithm, the parameters of which can be adjusted by the owner who, in due course, will be a DAO;
  2. 2.
    Gold can only be claimed by a named Adventurer and names must be purchased. The cost and currency of purchase of a name will be DAO owned and governed;
  3. 3.
    We added code that allows game makers easily identify (and therefore exclude) players that have purchased Adventurers or items rather than developing them organically through game-play. We believe that this will protect the component of intellectual reward amongst a pure-play DND community.
Rarity has attracted a lot of developers creating everything from documentation and guides to impressive UIs and emerging full games on top of the core contracts. The majority of the work is open source. Incentives have been published by Andre Cronje in the form of quite generous grants for various upgrades.
The perspective we have taken with Scarcity is to launch a governance token that is embedded in our roll out strategy. We believe that this is an equal if not better incentive for developers to build on top of of the core contracts. As a core team, we can choose everything from UI to initial games from Rarity´s project on Fantom to fork and utilise in our game and for our community. This is the wonder of open source in action.
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